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Belcolade Chocolate

Mention the name “Belgium” and many people from different walks of life and different regions of the world will think “chocolate”. At Puratos, we are proud producers of the real Belgian chocolate brand Belcolade.

Every Belcolade chocolate is the culmination of over 25 years of expertise in superior tasting chocolate. Our chocolate is made from carefully selected cocoa beans using production processes that have been perfected over time, assuring that Belcolade’s exquisite taste is in line with consumers’ expectations. All with the utmost respect for tradition.

At Belcolade, we take great pride in being a part of the rich heritage that has earned Belgian chocolate this extraordinary reputation. We work hard to protect and enhance that reputation through an unmatched dedication to quality, innovation, customer service and, above all, leadership in taste. For this reason our chocolate is – and has always been – produced in our factory in Belgium.

  • A superior-tasting range of Belgian chocolate
  • Made from carefully selected cocoa beans
  • Produced according to traditional production processes
  • 100% cocoa butter, 100% natural vanilla
  • Produced exclusively in Belgium

Belcolade Selection

The Belcolade Selection ranges from powerful dark chocolate with a delicate bitter taste to chocolate with a subtle milky flavour, as well as caramel and creamy white chocolate.

Bake-stable chocolate, sugar-free varieties, and chocolate for ice cream are also available. For the taste you love plus extra value for money, discover our sustainable Cacao-Trace™ chocolates. Fair trade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate products are also available within the Belcolade Selection range.

Belcolade Origins

Belcolade Origins is the ultimate experience of real Belgian chocolate. The Origins range consists of single origin chocolates, made from cocoa beans from three different continents. Superior in taste, each Origins chocolate has a characteristic bouquet of flavours. They are produced using carefully selected cocoa beans, which reflect the differences of the regions where they are grown.

The distinctive flavours of all Origins chocolates are analysed and identified through a scientific and sensory analysis tool developed by Belcolade. Thanks to their unique and splendid aromas, they continue to inspire patissiers, chocolatiers and bakers all around the world to make innovative tasting applications.