7 AM Ultra Probiotics for Women, Men, Teenagers – 50 Billion CFU x 12 units

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  • 50 billion CFU Probiotics for women and men: intense digestive support for those with gut health issues and complications. Ideal protection for travellers exposed to questionable foods and water
  • Restore your gut health: replenishes normal intestinal Microflora after antibiotic treatment (in the last 2 years). protects your gut from getting infections and suppresses bad bacteria in intestine
  • Highest potency: our formulation contains seven human origin probiotic strains not found in common foods. They are the same intestinal micro flora found in your gut, ensuring the highest potency
  • Effective even without refrigeration: our formulation uses lyophilized probiotic strains which means it is shelf stable even without refrigeration, unlike other probiotics in the market
  • Effective delivery: our capsules are delay released, bypassing the acidic stomach environment. Instead, the probiotics Ferment and colonize in your small intestine, where they are effective


One Master Case: 12 units

Single Unit MSRP: $41.99


7 AM

The formulation of 7a.m. Probiotics is created by a pharmaceutical probiotic scientist with a Master’s in Pharmacology. As a leading expert in probiotics, this brand is the result of two decades of hard work in research and development.The 7a.m. line of probiotics is designed to maintain and boost the health of the entire family: Advance Probiotics, Ultra,FemCare, Women 45 Plus, and Optiflor. The entire line up is Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten Free.

Gut Friendly Human Origin Probiotic Strains 

7 A.M. probiotics are the result of two decades of research and development in pharmaceutical probiotics, resulting in the formulation of human origin probiotic strains (except for the yeast-based Optiflor). Fermented from the superior mother culture, these probiotic strains are not only more stable with greater aero tolerance power (does not require refrigeration to remain effective) but it is also very much friendly to various gastrointestinal (GI) conditions (acid and bile resistance).  Fermented from a superior mother culture, these probiotic strains are not only more stable without a need for refrigeration, they also have high acid and bile resistance. 

Plant-Based Prebiotic 

All of our probiotic products include the prebiotic Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) in their formulations, a fiber that promotes colon health and is an aid that improves performance of probiotics. Unlike other prebiotics that may be synthetic or dairy-based, ours are plant-based (Vegan Friendly). 

Greater Efficacy with Delayed Release

Most other probiotics capsules are gelatin-based and break down in the acidic stomach environment quickly before they transit to the alkaline environment of the small intestine. Our entire line up is formulated for delayed release, ensuring that the probiotics pass the stomach and disintegrate in the small intestine. 

No Refrigeration Required, Travels Well!

7 A.M. probiotics are formulated to remain shelf stable and effective without refrigeration. Unlike most probiotics in the market, 7 A.M. probiotics are lyophilized (freeze dried) resulting in a superior, stable product, ideal for storage and travel. 


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