aiona alive E-Citrus Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - for All Skin Types - Step 0 (150ml) x 6 units

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aiona alive’s E- Citrus Exfoliating-Anti-bacterial Cleanser is a gentle skin cleanser that penetrates deep into the pores of the skin, effectively removing dirt and oil build-up and makeup, preventing blackheads while gently exfoliating with decyl glucoside, a natural surfactant that comes from raw materials. This ingredient allows for an evenly smooth and natural soap lather that washes off easily and leaves no residue.

Natural ingredients such as yellow dock treat acne and psoriasis while usnea tincture has anti-bacterial properties, helping to keep skin free of bacteria and dirt.

  • DEEP CLEAN FEELING: aiona alive E- Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser penetrates deep into your pores. Deep pore citrus exfoliating cleansing action goes to work to remove dirt, oil and even makeup while revitalizing skin and leaving it feeling soft, soothed and refreshed.
  • LONG LASTING BENEFITS: While clearing dead skin and pores on the face and body, this gentle men’s face wash and women’s face wash works to effectively reduce wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, sun spots and other forms of discoloration while helping with acne, acne scars and premature aging while adding all the benefits of deep cleansing and supporting collagen production and leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturized.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Our rich formula is safe and gentle on all skin types – dry, oily, combination, & sensitive skin. Helps to soothe acne, helps to reduce oily skin, blackheads and dark spots, hello to smooth, clean and clear skin!
  • FOR MEN AND WOMEN: With the perfect balance of essential ingredients, this citrus exfoliating cleanser works like a miracle for both men and women. We use only the highest quality and most effective ingredients in our products which are way better than retinol.


One Master Case: 6 units

Single Unit MSRP: $45


aiona alive

aiona alive Natural Skin Care Products

Is a Vancouver BC natural skin care line developed for performance, using silver carp collagen. The molecular structure of the collagen is close to our own triple helix (human production of collagen) and small enough to penetrate our skin. aiona alive’s ingredients rates 3 or under on the EWG’s


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