For Beloved Girl Vitamin D Cloud-Silk Mask - by For Beloved One

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  • BEST FACE MASK FOR YOUR SKIN: Use this anti-aging Vitamin D-enriched beauty mask to hydrate and plump and lift dry, sagging skin. For Beloved Girl Vitamin Face Masks are a revolutionary line of beauty sheet masks that supplements your skin care with the right nutrients for your desired beauty result.
  • HYDRATING AND RENEWING: Our face serum includes natural botanical Vitamin D and Ergosterol extracted from shitake mushroom boost skin hydration and prevent collagen fiber breakdown for firm-looking skin with elasticity.
  • ANTI-AGING: Also included in the face serum are Q10, a powerful anti-aging ingredient that minimize fine lines and Hydrolyzed Collagen; both keep the skin supple, soft and elastic for an energetic youthful look.
  • SUPERB MASK TECHNOLOGY: Using a revolutionary medium, the “cloud-silk mask” utilizes innovative textile technology with no adhesives or chemical additives for the ultimate thin, invisible mask. The ultra-fine cloud-silk locks in moisture and serum for complete induction deep within the skin.


For Beloved One

The pride of Beauty made in Taiwan—in the name of love, for all Women.
No one could have expected that a skincare brand from Taiwan would have become world-famous. Also, no one could have imagined that a beauty director’s off-the-wall ideas would have led For Beloved One to invent the first bio-cellulose mask in the history of skincare cosmetics in 2004. For Beloved One created a milestone that led made-in-Taiwan skincare brand become famous worldwide. Moreover, the products of For Beloved ne are bestsellers and out-of-stock frequently. Undoubtedly, it’s a miracle in Taiwan’s cosmetics industry.
From reporting beauty to create beauty, the birth of For Beloved One
Margret Wu, who was a beauty editor with over 20 years of experience, was in touch with the “bio-cellulose”, a medical-grade material used to repair epidermis or cardiovascular at a medical seminar. After getting an insight into the entire manufacturing process of the material, as well as taking trials in person, she realized that she had found the answer to thousands of unsatisfying comments on skincare products in the market. At the end of 2003, with the goodwill of “pampering the skin of women around the world in the name of love”, Wu founded the skincare brand “For Beloved One”, launching the world’s first “bio-cellulose mask” ,in the meantime, which became an overnight sensation.
Sticking to the original intention while building her own brand
With more than 20 years of experience in reporting and reviewing beauty products, Wu has grown her fastidious insight into skincare products. She’s beat her brains out selecting each skincare ingredient. It is said, you get what you pay for, and almost all the ingredients that she wants to add to the skincare products are more expensive. However, with her stubbornness and principle of “What’s worth doing is worth doing well,” she has invested hugely in product development. Wu selected luxury ingredients, such as ganoderma and ginseng, to achieve the best results of each skincare product. They allow users to have the perfect and safest experience after usage. That is also Wu’s original intention for building the brand.


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