Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune - Enzyme Cleansing Powder x 3 units

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  • POWDER TO FOAM FACIAL CLEANSER: Add water to our enzyme-rich powder and watch it turn to foam as it helps balance skin’s pH and exfoliate dull skin cells — promoting new skin cells for younger-looking, brighter, cleaner and healthier skin. Works well for oily-skin. Travel-friendly size, TSA approved. Cruelty-free, vegan botanical ingredients with EWG #1 safety rating. 
  • MOISTURIZING & CALMING: A skin-soothing, hydrating foaming face cleanser combining our mushroom-derived Beta Glucan with amino acids derived from sugar beets and one of the most luxurious natural skincare ingredients, prickly pear extract. These combine to moisturize, smooth and soften skin. These natural ingredients are gentle and known to be non-irritating making this an excellent face cleanser for anyone with dry skin or sensitive skin. 
  • EXFOLIATE & REJUVENATE: Without acting like a typical face exfoliator or using abrasive ingredients, this enzyme cleanser sloughs dead cells gently and promotes cell turnover with natural AHAs and enzymes derived from papaya and citrus fruits. This natural formula penetrates deep into skin to minimize pores, remove oils, dirt and toxins. 
  • NATURAL & HEALTHY SKIN CARE: Our patented mBeta Glucan combines with papaya enzymes, grapefruit and other phytonutrients to boost skin’s immunity and promote skin health with this face cleanser packed full of antioxidants, caretonoids, bioflavonoids and vitamins A, B, C and E. 
  • ANTI-AGING CLEANSER: Benefits include brightening the skin, fading age spots and boosting cellular turnover that helps skin rejuvenate and look fresher and younger. Beta Glucan, Papaya enzymes, Vitamin E and powerful antioxidants combine to improve skin elasticity and help combat lines and wrinkles. 


One Master Case: 3 units

Single Unit MSRP: $52.67


Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune

Kosmetic Immunity is the first immunity-boosting skincare. It uses a patented form of mBeta Glucan extracted from a rare mushroom to infuse its formulas with powerful hydration, protective and anti-aging benefits.
Our mBeta Glucan is unlike any other beta glucan used in skincare, extremely pure & highly potent.

mBeta Glucan is derived from a miracle-working mushroom, Schizophyllum commune or the “split-fold” mushroom to harness a number of immunity-boosting, anti-aging and regenerative benefits for the skin. Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune developed a patented process exclusively for Kosmetic Immunity that creates the purest, most potent concentration of Beta Glucan in the world, mBeta Glucan.


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