Miski Good Foods - Organic Hemp Hearts - 454g

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Miski Good Foods

We are a Canadian company with Peruvian roots Miski Organics® is a proudly family-owned Canadian company with Peruvian roots.  Our company was born from the desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives by providing them with healthier food alternatives.   Our core values include environmental sustainability, organic, and fair-trade practices. Miski Organics provides nutrient-rich, certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free products to support peoples’ health. Our product line includes Andean Grains and Seeds, Dried Superfruits, Raw Dried Superfoods, Raw Cacao and Derivates – all sustainably grown and cultivated in Peru.  By sourcing from local farmers in the coastal valleys, Andean mountains and Amazon region of Peru, we are also contributing to the improvement of living conditions in rural communities, keeping farmers employed, and helping communities thrive by moving from economic instability to self-sufficiency. Our support for sustainable agricultural practices helps ensure the environment surrounding our farmers’ land is safe and preserves their culture and traditions. As a Canadian agri-food company, we also specialize in creating Peruvian-inspired organic superfood derivates which are produced in-house and include Canadian-grown ingredients.  All our products are available in bulk or packaged for retail in blue-bin friendly recyclable bags sourced locally. Our customers include health-conscious consumers, retailers, distributors, and food and beverage companies across North America.


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